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A tale from the top


When you’re 8 and feelin’ girly, the issue of what to do with your hair is more important than having a crust-free jelly sandwich for lunch.

Super G wants to wear her hair out. Period. Braids, while neat and tidy, mean sporting the same ‘do day in and day out until I switch it up. Therein resides the problem for my increasingly independent girl who is finding her own style from the top down.

So we’ve been on a mission this past year to find a hair routine that will allow her to be her own daily stylist with ease. We’ve experimented with blow outs and hot combs, hooded dryers and curling irons. Each left us with a headache and frayed nerves.

Then came twists. They’re relatively simple to do, wet or dry: Part the hair into small sections. Then, take a section, divide it in half and  twist the two lengths of hair together like yarn.  Repeat this process again and again and again until you’re done.

Ok, yes, there is more to it than this and G could watch a Disney Channel mini marathon during the process, but her smile is better than candy.