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Outtakes: Peaceful


Model: Destanie Taylor    Hairstylist: Danielle Ballard


While working on last year’s 12 Emotions in 2013 project, I typically had to choose just one photo to illustrate each month’s emotion. It wasn’t easy. Often, the vision I had in my head changed once I was on location and shooting. Different usually turned out to be better. But there were times I had to scrap the first, second, or even third idea and go with the unexpected vision that presented itself in front of my lens.

Here, then, is the start of an occasional series that will feature images that didn’t make the cut for a project or assignment, but have become favorites of mine over time.

This image came from a 20 minute October shoot at Sunday Park in Chesterfield County.

The emotion was Peaceful. This alternative image would’ve worked had I stuck with my initial thought of going for something serene.  The problem was, my life at the time was anything but serene so to produce an image contrary to my reality was not an option. I wanted to show power, determination, and courage. All things I needed to muster each day.

Months later, on the other side of some struggles, I can see some of the same qualities in the second image. Yet, the feel is brighter. That new perspective is what makes looking back on one’s life and experiences through images so intriguing. What once seemed so bleak really did have rays of calming peace and light.

Here is the image that made the cut for Peaceful. You can read the post here and review the entire project here.


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  • Debbie WibowoApril 20, 2014 - 5:26 pm

    Her beauty is striking and the dramatic light on the 2nd image really makes it powerful.ReplyCancel